Novedades en el género Dahlia (Asteraceae: Coreopsideae) en Nueva Galicia, México

Arturo Castro-Castro, Osvaldo Zuno-Delgadillo, Marco Antonio Carrasco-Ortiz, Mollie Harker, Aarón Rodríguez


A considerable diversity and endemism of the tribe Coreopsideae (Asteraceae) is concentrated in western Mexico, a territory known as Nueva Galicia. Dahlia is a notable genus of Coreopsideae, and so far D. barkerae, D. coccinea, D. pugana, D. scapigera, D. sherffii, and D. tenuicaulis were registered for Nueva Galicia. In the present work, we report the presence of D. sorensenii and propose D. wixarika as a new species. The new taxon is exclusive to the south of the state of Durango and north of Jalisco. It has morphological affinities with sections Dahlia and Entemophyllon, and it is morphologically similar to D. dissecta, D. pugana, and D. scapigera, with which it is compared. In addition, we provide new data on geographical distribution and morphological variation of D. pugana. Finally, an identification key for the species of Dahlia in Nueva Galicia is provided.


endemism; Heliantheae; Sierra de los Huicholes; Sierra Madre Occidental

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ISSN: 2007-4476
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